Event Schedule

Saturday, March 21st
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Tournaments & Special Events

TBA, Check Back Soon!

It's Raffle Time!

Donate to your school and Win Awesome Games!

Full List of Prizes TBA

Board Games

Learn a New Game!

More to be announced! 


Paint a Mini & Take it Home

11am - 7pm:
Paint up a Space Marine or Stormcast Knight 
under the expert guidance of BattleHaven & Skyridge Volunteers.
Take your completed Mini home to show off!

Want to paint something else?
Bring your own Mini in, or pick one up from Game Grid!

Role Playing Games

Find your Adventure


There will be lender dice and new characters for 1st time players.
Learn to play one of these awesome RPGs & have a blast on your first adventure!


Magic: The Gathering

Commander, Draft!

11am - 11pm: Commander
On Demand Commander all day long! Pod up in groups of 4 & play to win Raffle Tickets!

7:30pm - 11pm: Pick your Poison Draft

Pick any three packs off of our Wall of Magic to draft with - who knows what crazy combos you'll see in this mixed up format?!?

Tabletop War Games

Learn a New Game!

Warhammer, Kill Team & Age of Sigmar games will be taught and played most of the day.
Come on in anytime!


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