Game Grid Lehi offers the highest Trade-In prices in Utah, and we give you 50% more for Store Credit!


How To Buylist with Game Grid Lehi

Buylist Online:
To fill out a buy order, use "Quick Search" to find individual cards and add them to your cart.
Once your cart is filled out, use checkout to submit your Buy Order!
We'll email you when it's approved, usually within a day.
It's that easy!

Have a lot of cards to enter?
You can Browse by Category to see the buylist prices for every card in a set!
-Select Game as Magic: the Gathering Singles
--Select Type as the Set/Block you'd like to browse
---If you selected a Block, narrow it down with Select Set
After selecting a set, every card will be displayed with buylist pricing information and an add to cart button.

If you have any trouble with our Online Buylist, please send an email to

Prefer to Trade-In in person?
Create a Buy Order in store using one of our Kiosks
-Get your payout or credit the same day!
-Staff on hand to answer any questions you have! 


A Few Conditions:
In order to offer the highest possible prices, Game Grid Lehi has the following policies for Buy Orders over 100 Cards:

1. Any buy orders over 100 cards must be submitted by you through either our Website or In Store Kiosk.
-If you want our staff to enter your buy order for you, and there are over 100 cards, there will be a $15/hour reduction in your final offer (minimum $15).

2. Any buy orders over 100 cards must be in the exact order of your confirmation email.
-If you want our staff to sort your buy order for you, and there are over 100 cards, there will be a $15/hour reduction in your final offer (minimum $15).

3. Any buy orders containing over 16 copies of a single card must be manually approved.
-Generally, our highest prices only apply to the first 16 copies of a card, we will still buy more copies, but at a lower rate.

We Buy Bulk!

Hate sorting your cards and entering them all in one by one??
Don't worry, we buy bulk cards too! 

Game Grid Lehi is currently paying the following prices for Magic Bulk:

  • Bulk Magic Commons/Uncommons: $4.00 per 1,000 (pre-2010)

  • Bulk Magic Rares (Gold Symbol Only): $0.07 each

  • Bulk Magic Mythic Rares: $0.20 each

  • Bulk Magic FOIL Rares: $0.15 each

  • Bulk Magic FOIL Mythic Rares: $0.25 each

  • Bulk Magic FOIL Commons: $0.02 each
    Bulk Magic FOIL Uncommons: $0.05 each 

  • Bulk Magic FOIL Basic Land: $0.05 each

  • Bulk Magic Spindown Life Counter: $0.25 each

  • Bulk Magic Promo: $0.05 each

  • Bulk Magic Full Art Basic Lands (BFZ, AKH, HOU, ZEN): $0.05 each

Yes, our 50% Bonus for Store Credit applies to bulk too!

Next Steps:
-After you submit your buy order, please allow up to 24 hours for us to confirm your order
     If you do not receive a confirmation email within 48 hours, please email to follow up with us.

-When you receive your confirmation email, your offer is good for seven (7) days.
     Due to the constant changes in card pricing, if your Buy Order is received after seven (7) days, your offer may be updated to reflect any changes in our pricing.

-We will email you when your order arrives at Game Grid Lehi
     We highly recommend including tracking and insurance on any high value Buy Orders you ship. We are not responsible for any mistakes made by mail carriers, such as lost or damaged packages.

-After your order arrives, we will grade and process your order within three (3) days.
     During Prerelease WeekendHolidays, and all of December, please allow five (5) days for grading and processing.
     Please note that your credit will be applied to your account after your order is processed.
     If you want to get your credit on the same day, plan on using a Kiosk or working with our Staff in store.

Our buylist is always a work in progress-  if you have suggestions or need help, please send an email to

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