Are you the Master of Modern, Standard or Sealed?

Prove yourself at the Game Grid Championship!

- Three Back-to-Back-to-Back $1,000 Championship Tournaments!

-Free Entry for Qualified Players who have played 24+ events at any Game Grid!
Check if you are qualified at



Game Grid Lehi 400 S Millpond Dr Lehi, UT 84043

Date & Time-

Saturday, October 19th

-10am Modern Championship Player Meeting

-1pm Standard Championship Player Meeting

-4pm Sealed Championship Player Meeting


Competitive REL (Decklists Required) Swiss Cut to Top 8

Modern, Standard and Sealed will be represented, each with their own event.

Qualified Players may choose to enter any or all of the $1k Championship events!

Test your skill (and luck) in every format!


Prize Support-


Modern Top 8

1st: $200 + Modern Horizons Booster Box + Champion Playmat!

2nd: $200

3rd-4th: $100

5th-8th: $50

Standard Top 8

1st: $200 + 2x Throne of Eldraine Booster Boxes + Champion Playmat!

2nd: $200

3rd-4th: $100

5th-8th: $50

Sealed Top 8 - Draft Throne of Eldraine!

1st: $200 + 1x Throne of Eldraine Booster + Champion Playmat!

Box 2nd: $200

3rd-4th: $100

5th-8th: $50


Free Entry for Qualified Players

To Participate in the Sealed Championship, players must bring 6 Throne of Eldraine Booster Packs purchased from their local Game Grid - send proof of purchase to to register for the Sealed Championship.

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