Game Grid Lehi has hundreds of board games available for rent. It's only $5 to rent a board game for a week, and then when you return the game, you get that $5 as in-store credit! We want you to have the chance to try out the games we love before you buy, and getting in-store credit makes it that much easier to purchase a game you fall in love with after you've tried it out. 


We want to reward our customers for shopping with us, so we created this rewards program specifically with you in mind. It's as easy as giving us your name and cell phone number, and then every purchase will earn you points. Redeem those points for different amounts of in-store credit depending on your tier. The best part? Your points never expire, and there's no cap on the amount that you can earn. To learn more and see our tier levels, click here


Game Grid Lehi is the largest game store in Utah. Boasting over 5000 sf, we have enough room for you to feel comfortable to come in and bring your family or friends to host the game night of your choice. We know that running RPG campaigns, MTG tournaments, board game nights, and any other get together can be challenging to coordinate at someone's home, so we want you to feel free to come and utilize our store as the place to meet up. There's no price to host, just let us know when you want to come down by calling or emailing us and we'll let you know what to expect! 


Are you interested in playing RPGs but don't want the hassle of starting your own private group? Do you love being a Dungeon Master and want the chance to do it regularly? Game Grid hosts a set Pathfinder community every week, and we take pleasure in pairing up local players who want to play more. Sign up as a recognized DM or player, and we will let you know what nights we have something already in motion, or we'll give you the chance to start a new group with other players at our store! 


We know that the cost of gaming adds up fast, so we want to make sure that you're getting the best deals possible by buying locally from us. To do that, we created our price matching policy. Essentially, we will price match the deals that you find for products you love, plus the cost of the retailer's shipping, and give it to you the same day you come to our store. You get the perk of owning the game you want the same day you come in, plus you get it for a discount! To read our entire policy, click here


Painting miniatures can be an expensive hobby. Good paints can cost quite a bit on top of what you've already paid to buy your minis and whatever other tools you need. It can also be hard to know what you want without trying the different paints and effects out first. Because of all of this, we offer free access to our entire line of Citadel Paints if you buy any miniatures from our store. You also can pay $5 to join our Paint Night without purchasing a miniature. This is hosted every Tuesday starting at 5 o'clock and Sunday starting at 2 o'clock. Come join us and paint alongside others who enjoy the same hobby! 


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