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Join us on Discord & play Paper Magic on Video Chat! We'll be running our regular events via Discord until we can re-open the play area. Read the article to find out more and learn how to get started.


Game Grid has events every week for Magic, Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer, Board Games, and more!
You can find all the details for our weekly events on our Calendar or Facebook Page.

We also host a variety of Special Events, including:

  • Alpine Gaming Con

  • Free RPG Day

  • Magic Prerelease, $1k+ Tournaments, and Mythic Championship Qualifiers

  • Tech Networking & Games, and Magic: the Networking

Don't see your favorite game on our schedule?
Feel free to come in and use our space!

Whatever you play, when you play at Game Grid we provide:

  • 3600+ sq ft of Play Space

  • 300+ Board Game Library Titles

  • 200+ Seating Capacity

  • 13 Premium Wooden Gaming Tables

  • 4 Premium 96" x 48" Wooden Counter-Height Tables

  • War Gaming & RPG Terrain

  • And even a gosh danged Castle!

Check out our event calendar and follow us on Facebook to keep up with everything happening.



Magic the Gathering customers currently have access to view our entire collection of singles, and we are updating the rest of our site to show our entire store inventory. We will update you when everything is available, but for now enjoy seeing all of the categories of products we carry in our location!



Game Grid Lehi is all about Good Games, Good People, and Good Fun. Jordan Bird has owned the store since 2011. It's been through different names, locations, and upgrades - but since the beginning, the goal of operating a game store in Utah County has been to create a home away from home for gamers of all kinds. 

We excel in hosting the best tournaments, events, and day-to-day experience possible for customers of all kinds. Whether you're a Magic player looking for friends to play with at all hours of the day or night, a board gamer looking for variety and excellent recommendations, or an RPG player looking for a top quality location to play at with products made just for your campaigns, Game Grid Lehi excels in knowing what players need to have a good time and providing it in a way that's easy to access and that comes with amazing customer service at all times. 



We have a number of writers who are passionate about Board Games, RPGs, Magic and more!
Check out to explore their thoughts and share what you think!



400 S Millpond Drive #F

Lehi, Utah 84043

Tel: (801) 477-7680



Monday: 11am - 9pm

Tues- Sat: 11am - 11pm

​Sunday: 2pm - 9pm

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